Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name ESPResSo++ stand for?

Extendible Simulation Package for Research on Soft Matter. Obviously, plus plus (a reference to the C++ kernel)

Which programming languages do I need to know when using ESPResSo++?

The short answer is you have to understand Python. Most of the example scripts are self-explanatory and can be adapted for your purposes by simple changes.
The long answer is it is better to have a bit of interest or experience with C (or C++). Then you will be able to understand the kernel modules and fine-tune the program for your purposes in an efficient way.

Don’t be afraid of learning

Why do I have to use ESPResSo++?
You don't have to. However, you may find it useful if:
  • You want to implement a new method easily
  • You want to use Adaptive Resolution Simulations
  • You work at the Theory Group at MPIP
  • ... [For a full list please ask a member of Developer Team]
I want to use ESPResSo++. Where do I start?
You are at the right place! The next steps may include:
How do I know the function names in Python for what I need?

Take a look at the Documentation page

I need to use some module. However, its documentation page is empty. What should I do?

Raise an Issue at GitHub